Is This The World’s Best Startup Internship?

Introducing the YPlan Rocketship Programme

YPlan are one of the fastest growing tech startups in the world. With offices in London and New York, their Rocketship porgramme is the perfect place for ambitious graduates to hone their startup skills. As you will read, the Rocketship is a different kind of internship. There are no tea and coffee runs here… just challenging, tangible work and opportunities like nowhere else.

Read on for the inside track from 3 YPlan employees. If you’d like to jump the gun and get notified of the next YPlan job opening with your name on it then just click here.

Ok so what’s the Rocketship?

For the past three years, YPlan has been a rocketship careering towards the cutting-edge with a crew of renegade mavericks at the helm. They’re on a mission to provide users with access to all that is fun and good in their city, because who wouldn’t want to have more fun and good in their life?

For the YPlan Rocketship Programme, they look for the brightest and best at the start of their careers to join them in doing amazing new things – to keep the workplace fresh and dynamic, and to provide a unique boost into their future. Most importantly, candidates have fun, grow professionally and learn a lot while working with some of the best teams out there.

They currently have four recent graduates in the Rocketship Programme: two in content production, one working within their partner development team, and a data science whizz.

Now, some words from current YPlan interns:

 YPlan Internship


I knew the dangers when I applied: this wasn’t just an internship. I wasn’t going to be making tea runs. I wasn’t going to be molly-coddled and there was going to be a lot expected of me. This standard of expectation was highlighted in the application outline and demonstrated throughout the interviews (of which there were five stages, including an interview with one of the founders, Vik, and a final interview at the pub).

Three months down the line since my start date I can confirm that this standard has been maintained. But – while it hasn’t been easy – it has, well… been easy. This might seem contradictory but a great deal of credit should be directed towards the onboarding process (fondly known as the Rocketship Programme), the cultivation of an unintimidating learning atmosphere and regular managerial 1:1­s to ensure I stay on track.

Increased responsibility has continuously been directed my way and more is asked of me every day. This may seem daunting: if you had asked me when I was fresh out of university how much responsibility I’m after at the workplace, I probably would’ve been like “uhhh, a bit”. But, now knowing the impact that there is possible for me to make working at a company still in its relative infancy, and being comforted by the fact that there are solid support structures in place, I’m eager to take on as much as I can.

I studied English Lit at Sussex and had always been interested in a job role that would be creatively stimulating and culturally engaging. I had toyed with the idea of music journalism or writing for a magazine but, after some time working for a conference app company, I realised that the start-up route was a less-saturated, non-traditional avenue to explore that could tick the boxes of what I wanted from work.

Are there any negative aspects to working at YPlan? Not really. For me, anyways. The culture is amazing, the team is incredible and it’s managed excellently. There are some aspects inherent to the nature of start-ups that won’t be everybody’s cup of tea: it’s a fast-paced environment, dynamic and ever-changing. We’re on the cusp of a national expansion and already operate in London, New York and San Francisco, so a year from now the company could be a completely different beast from what it is currently. We could be in dozens of cities across the globe. Alternatively, things might not go as smoothly as planned. After all, you can never be certain about what’s around the corner. But isn’t that all part of the fun?

YPlan Internship


I first came across YPlan working for the street team in the summer 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. At the time I was a typically impoverished student looking for a summer job that could leave me with enough money to watch a few shows and maybe scrape some change together for a beer on the side. The job entailed donning a Fez hat, red sunglasses and full YPlan attire. I herded the teeming crowds of Edinburgh in the hopes that a festival-goer would stop in the rain and chat with me for long enough to download the app and type in my code: STREETJESS. Badass, I know. Little did I know that a year later I would be working for the Commercial team in YPlan’s London offices.

For a Music graduate like myself, the tech start-up world is relatively off the beaten track, and many of my friends have pursued more specifically music-focused paths (and more often than not, are working part-time in cafes to fund them). I grew tired of being asked if I wanted to be a violin teacher, and wanted to escape the insular range of opportunities commonly associated with a having a Music degree. YPlan for me was a perfect transition, offering the chance to acquire the knowledge behind the function of a new business while being closely associated with huge musical and cultural events, such as the Apple Music festival, Bestival and Lovebox.

Remembering my time in Edinburgh the previous year, I contacted an old YPlan colleague and by pure chance, there was a graduate-level opening available. Within the week I had already been put through the interview processes and was welcomed on board the YPlan graduate scheme, aka the Rocketship.

What became immediately apparent to me at YPlan was the visible expansion occurring throughout the company daily. Three months into the job, I am definitely no longer the ‘newbie’, given the vast amount of new joiners. Ticket sales, marketing schemes and the number of events are increasing exponentially, while everyone here is young, excited and hugely welcoming. I have never been afraid to ask any questions (and trust me, there have been a lot!). Weekly meetings and agenda-checks ensure that all my time is put to good use and with the expansion to three new cities, I am never short of work to do.

What’s more, given the nature of my role is to look for new events, I can now proudly claim that I know almost every social event taking place in the city: I’m pretty much the coolest person in London right now.

Some words from a Rocketship alumni and now permanent team member:

YPlan Intern Astrid


I was very insecure about my working abilities straight out of school, with little experience, the job market can be scary looking. An internship, for me, seemed like the perfect bridge between getting aquatinted with the job market and building up experience in order to get a better idea of what I was searching for.

Working at a start-up is working closely with everybody in the company which is a unique opportunity to get to know the full structure of the product you’re working for. Working on various projects that might not directly tie in with your primary skill set, but helps broadening your knowledge and experience, all bonuses to put on your resume later on. Finally, the most important for me, the satisfaction of being able to suggests ideas and seeing them being implemented.

As mentioned if you’d like to join YPlan and get notified of the next Rocketship intake then click here. Know any other internships to rival the Rocketship programme? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

YPlan’s Rocketship programme is featured in our Graduate Guide to Careers in Startups, if you want to get an edge on the competition you can download the free e-book here and read tips on landing your dream startup career.