What Sets Apart The Few Who Do From The Many Who Talk?

Doers are leaders. Leaders maximise resources, they can come in to an organisation that’s in bad shape and maximise what they have to turn things around. They decide what they believe is right and they take action based on those principles. They have certainty they will achieve the outcomes they’re after which is infectious and impacts the entire organisation. No wonder the share price of a company fluctuates massively on the leaders they have or can’t hold onto. But where does this skill come from and more importantly how do we get some?

Firstly it’s essential to understand that it’s not something you need to get. Everyone possesses great leadership, but it’s the ability to tap into it regularly that marks the difference in people. Leaders don’t believe in limited resources, they take whatever they have and believe that they can make it work. This is called Resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource; it’s the fuel that drives you to do something you don’t want to do to achieve a long-term goal. Resourcefulness is the ability to tap into emotions like vision, creativity, imagination, curiosity, intelligence and determination on a regular basis. These emotions are what separate the doers from the talkers.

80% of achievement in business is psychology, 20% is the mechanics. The “How to do it” is not that complex. There’s plenty written on building a business, landing a job interview, making a career change or learning a new skill. What it takes is will, emotional fitness, a capacity to drive yourself to do something you don’t want to do but that feels fantastic long term. Doers have self-control; they resist momentary distractions and temptations in order to reach a goal.

Doers build emotional muscle. They are constantly stretching their own beliefs around what is possible. They run that little bit further, they make that extra sales call, and they implement that extra idea or change. Having this self-belief drives the positive “can do” attitude in people which starts momentum. When doers don’t achieve a result they have faith that if they keep going things will eventually work out. On the other hand when talkers don’t achieve a result they make excuses and blame a lack of resources. They never have enough time, money, technology, people, leadership or education. This belief structure stops talkers from achieving anything of significance.

Everyone fails. The biggest illusion we have in life is that when we fail we start to believe we don’t have the right resources. You can get the resources if you’re resourceful enough – what makes us resourceful is human emotion. Doing something that moves you drives resourcefulness. Finding a purpose that you are passionate about for is the fuel you need to become a great leader. Find it. Don’t settle, stop talking and be a doer.

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