The Ultimate Guide To Your London Job Search

So your New Year’s resolution was that last year was going to be one kick-ass year. And unfortunately last year’s job just doesn’t cut the mustard. We’ve scoured the world to find the best online tools available to let your talent soar this year. Your London job search has never been more organised….

London Job Search – Resources

Escape The City – Our favourite source for that little bit of career inspiration.  Escape The City is a newsletter, community and job board featuring some of the most exotic and exciting jobs from around the world. They also run regular events to help inspire and motivate people to “do something different”. Members can post their “escape stories” to help inspire other readers to make a change. Our top tip – sign up for their infamous “top 10” newsletter delivered to your inbox each Monday morning.

LinkedIn – This needs no introduction. If you’re not on LinkedIn and you’re complaining about your job then stop reading this now and sign up. It’s the best tool out there for professional networking and great for job search. It’s way more likely you’ll get an interview if you’ve been recommended so leverage your network to the max.

Workshape – A really cool new site for software engineers, this tool let’s you create a tech profile and matches you to jobs that fit your coding skills.

Hackajob – Get hired by hacking! Show of your coding skills and let companies see how good you are before applying.

Hired – Again another one for developers and engineers. Hired let’s companies ‘bid’ on you and even give you a kick back for accepting a job. One for the money motivated…

TalentRocket – Ok so we’re a little bit biased but we think we should be on here too. Unlike other sites we only feature great places to work. We’re all about finding your perfect company. Set your own “culture fit” preferences, follow your favourite companies and get notified when they’re next hiring so you’ll never miss out on something great.

London Job Search – Helpful Courses

Amazingif – Time for a course? Sure it is. Amazingif provide affordable, action orientated courses to help people find happiness at work. Whether that’s getting more from your current role or helping you realise your true calling lies elsewhere. Through analyzing various skills and with modules covering your strengths, values, confidence and network they will help you to find peace at work.

The School of Life – Providing talks, courses, therapy and resources, The School of Life is for those looking to develop their thinking and find their calling in life. From esoteric modules on “how to stay calm” and “how to be confident” mixed with various toolkits for getting more out of life, they are a well established thought leader in personal development and well worth checking out.

The Happy Startup School – So you have an idea you want to turn into a reality? Then we can’t recommend these guys enough. The folks at the HSS challenge you to think about measuring success in happiness not just profit and there are many ways to get involved. From their legendary events including the Startup Summercamp to an Alpine startup retreat with Alptitiude. For starters why not try their home school courses, get ready to be inspired.

Careershfters – Looking to change career completely? Then Careeshifters is the best place to go for expert advice, tools, inspiration and coaching. Whether you’ve got absolutely no idea what you want to do or are clear on the goal but need help getting there, we recommend checking them out. Sign up for their London workshop to kick start your search.

London Job Search – Events

Sometimes applying online can be frustrating. Getting out there in the community is important part of getting hired. Here are some of the events to show your face.

Tech Startup Fair London 2016 – With a mix of roles being hired from a variety of tech startups. This fairly new event runs across most of the major global tech cities and is sure to have some great companies.

Silicon Milkroundabout – this is the biggie of the tech scene, with over 100 tech companies courting the best tech talent. It’s the stalwart of London Tech Careers Fairs, the mac-daddy, the big dipper, the… we’ve run out of metaphors.  Check out when the next event is here.

FATJIL – No it’s not the name of some awful ‘fit-for-a-princess’ bootcamp… it’s actually an acronym for Find A Tech Job In London, which does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers – Triple-H (as no one is probably calling it) is a key meet-up for those wanting to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and, perhaps, more importantly, those mythical Tech co-founders. Their Co-founder Dating & Speed Pitching can be great for making connections and their Got A Problem, Get A Solution (AKA GAPGAS) event can be a great platform to announce your kick ass startup skills to the world and hopefully get hired.

London Job Search – Job Boards

Job boards can be handy for applying for jobs in volume. Here’s a list of more traditional job boards that might help you cast the net a little wider.

Recommended: If you’re in the startup space then we recommend checking out Workinstartups and Unicorn Hunt – they only advertise jobs with direct employers making it a nicer user experience for all.


Careerbuilder – generic job board

Monster –  generic job board

TotalJobs –  generic job board

Jobsite –  generic job board

CV library –  generic job board

Reed –  generic job board (this is getting a bit tedious isn’t it…)

Gumtree –  bulletin board sometimes with jobs

Glassdoor – employee reviews site with jobs occasionally listed

TheLadders –  a more premium generic job board

Newspaper job boards

All are industry agnostic

Guardian Jobs

Telegraph Jobs

Independent (ijobs)

The Sunday Times

Executive level boards

All are industry agnostic

Executives on the Web







London Graduate Job Search

Recommended: We highly recommend checking out RateMyPlacement for all things placement related. Also we like Enternships for it’s slick design and interesting companies.  Also don’t forget to review your experience on The Job Crowd, a great resource for finding a graduate job.

Others (all industry agnostic):






London Job Search – Job board aggregators

Unlike Job boards these gather data from multiple sites and send them to your inbox. The accuracy isn’t always great and there are a lot of jobs posted by recruiters and not companies themselves, but it can be helpful to set up if you’re looking every day.

Recommended: Adzuna is like Google for UK job search. Put in your location, title or skill and search away.

Others (all industry agnositc):







Phew! That was one hell of a list. If we’ve missed any great online resources out (and I’m sure we have) then let us know by commenting below or emailing us at and we’ll update it as we go.



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