Top Tips on Landing Your Dream Job

Job hunting is a task we all have to endure at some stage in our lives and in the current climate, it can be difficult to know how to tackle the job market in order to give yourself the best chance of success. Employers are inundated with applications so it is imperative that you try innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and give yourself the best chance of landing the job of your dreams.

Be Proactive

When job hunting it can be too easy to get into the habit of registering with a host of recruitment agencies in the hope that your dream job will magically land on your lap, but more often than not this won’t happen. In a competitive market, it is important to try recruitment methods you wouldn’t have previously considered, as this will give you more options and a better chance of landing the job of your dreams.

Social Search

Social networking sites are ideal for job searching as not only are they free, but you can use contacts who work in the field you are interested in or use the word of mouth method to let people know you are actively seeking work. There are a variety of professional websites which will enable you to tailor searches to find relevant companies/vacancies and this can really increase your job opportunities. LinkedIn is the world’s best networking tool. Contact people you trust and ask them if they know of any suitable roles.

Go Direct

If you have particular companies or vacancies you are interested in, you should apply directly to them, even in a speculative manner. If you can get a hold of the contact details for the person recruiting for the type of role you are interested in, it can further enhance your prospects. But don’t pester them! An email or phone call or voicemail will do. Trust me if they’re interested then they’ll get back to you.

Graduate Job Fairs

For all the graduates out there, many people have been offered interviews after making an impression at jobs fairs, so find out when your university fair is running and make sure you attend. You should target the companies who offer careers you can get passionate about and make sure you appear well-dressed, act confidently and ask lots of questions!

Take Breaks

It is quite easy to fall into the habit of applying for every job you see, morning, noon and night but this only leads to boredom and will inevitably result in sloppy applications. It also doesn’t look good to potential employers if you just apply for everything you see as they want to know that you are interested in a particular field and won’t just accept anything.

Organise a plan of attack when job hunting, such as making your applications in the morning or evening for a few hours and do some other tasks the rest of the time.

Chris Platts is the founder of Talent Rocket a London based start up. He’s a former executive recruiter and current recruitment advisor to many startup companies and multi-national organizations. Chris shares charming stuff on the topics of career optimization, hiring talent, HR, social media, start-ups and technology.


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