How Charlie became HR Officer at his dream company, Football Radar

At TalentRocket, we’re regularly tweaking, updating and expanding our product to make finding your dream job as straightforward as possible. So when we hear of someone who benefited from all our tinkering – you can imagine our delight. The Following Q&A is with football mad Charlie – who landed a job with none other than Football Radar via our platform.

How did you hear about TalentRocket?
Searching for alternative career sites online, to find an opportunity that would really excite me.

What other job services/sites we’re you using before/alongside TalentRocket?
Just a few other startup sites mainly.

How long were you using TalentRocket before you got the job?
Only for a month or so.

How did your awesome new job via TalentRocket come about?
I saw the available job posting on the company’s profile page (which looked great!) and simply clicked to apply.

Which company did you join and what job are you doing there?
I was very pleased to be able to join Football Radar as HR Officer


Football Radar’s profile on TalentRocket

What was it about your new company that first stood out to you?
The first thing was the domain (football!), and the working environment looked like an extremely passionate one.

What was the interview process like?
It was very smooth, I received contact quickly.

How would you describe the company culture there?
I would say that we have very high levels of drive and commitment, with the aim of striving to be the best.

What do you like most about your new job/company?
The PEOPLE. There is a fantastic group here, or you could say squad. The flexible culture is great too.


How important do you think company culture is in determining a career move?
I think it’s very important. Finding a workplace that you will be excited to go into work every day, this is crucial for a great work life.

What advice do you have for anyone who’s looking to find their dream company?
I would say to think about what kind of environment you thrive in, once you know this, then you can search for it.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do when you aren’t rocking it at the new job?
A little bit about myself. Well, I have to mention my team- Liverpool FC. I watch them every year trying to win the Premier League- it’s taking quite a bit of time to say the least…  I also enjoy keeping a healthy mind and body, yoga and things like this help do that!



Thanks for sticking with us! Anything else you would like to add?
A little thank you to the team at TR, you guys rock, keep it up!

Thanks a lot to Charlie for his time. If you want to follow in his footsteps and get a job at your dream company, join TalentRocket today, where you can follow Football Radar for job alerts and more!

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