Stories from the Culture Campfire: Matt from Culturevist

As many of you may know, TalentRocket are having their very first industry event, the Company Culture Campfire. An evening of storytelling, networking, and exploring all facets of, you guessed it… company culture.

From scaling a culture, to building one with a remote working team, via sociocracies, cultural ambassador programmes and parental leave, the CCC will bring together many of the key aspects of that make up the pillars of company culture.

Today we speak to Matt Partovi, the founder of Culturevist, TalentRocket’s media partner on the Company Culture Campfire.

Hi Matt, first of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself, what were you doing before Culturevist?

I first learnt what company culture was when I was at University, through a bunch of theory and case studies. A few years later I got a taste of the practice when I worked at PwC helping companies with culture change. From there I joined Yammer, a fast-growing startup with an amazing culture, which was acquired by Microsoft for $1.2billion after only 4.5 years of being founded.

What are the main aims and goals for Culturevist?

When I was at Yammer I was looking for some external inspiration and perspective for how to develop our company culture. When I looked at what was out there, I found so many resources and communities, but none of them really gave me what I was after. Something I did find was a group of people who cared as much about company culture as I did, and so I decided (and felt an obligation) to create the thing that I was looking for. Somewhere we can go to find inspiration, training or support to develop our company cultures.

What can you offer companies that nobody else can?

The true value of Culturevist is the network of activists working in a diverse range of organisations such as Airbnb, Buffer, Google and Metro Bank. Imagine having access to a community of people with broad experience and a deep love for company culture. That’s what Culturevist offers.

Do you have any particular success stories that stand out above the rest?

My favourites are the ones that are most personal. Recently I was at dinner and received a message from one of our Culturevists. It simply said: “Look… at my new job title :)” What used to be Executive Assistant to CEO now reads Executive Assistant to CEO & Culture Manager. The fact that Culturevist is the thing that helped her realise the importance of creating a permanent role for a Culture Manager and gave her the confidence to make it happen makes me so proud.

Is there one piece of advice that you would give to all companies who are only just starting to think about culture?

 Find and join forces with people who care as much about the culture as you do. I’ve found change happens so much faster when people become a network.
A huge thanks to Matt for his time. If you want to see him talk more about Culturevist and all things company culture, you can still get  tickets to the Company Culture Campfire now. Best be quick, they are selling like hotcakes!

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