Recruitment. Reinvented.

Welcome to Talent Rocket. Recruitment.Reinvented.

Talent Rocket is an easy-to-use platform that allows people to discover amazing places to work and discover their perfect working environment. It then provides a free notification service ensuring that users never miss out on the chance to join companies that they want to work for.

Our mission

To create breakthrough moments of career discovery and help connect smart people with inspiring companies.

Our vision

A one stop destination for people to design and discover their professional future.

We approach our mission with 3 core beliefs

Job hunting can be fun and inspiring

Job hunting shouldn’t take up personal time

Job hunting can be done on the go

We also believe that the current way of working makes it difficult for busy professionals to keep updated on relevant job opportunities in their market. Good people miss out on opportunities to further their career every single day and we think you should at least have the chance to know about them. Applying for a job has always been boring and long winded, and we think that we know how to change it. If you want to join our tribe of users and ensure you never miss out on the professional future you deserve then be one of the lucky first few to start using Talent Rocket.

Using Talent Rocket to Recruit top talent

Recruitment has always been one of the biggest headaches for growing companies. Not any longer. Create a page on Talent Rocket and our community of talented professionals can discover what working life is like at your company. If they choose to follow you then you get to see their profiles and like them back. Your followers will automatically be sent any of your latest job postings with more great features to come…

Email if you’d like to enquire about a company page.

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