What Your Recruitment Budget Could Be Spent On

Recruiters are expensive. 20% of the first year salary, for a CV? No thanks.

Presuming you’re paying a national average salary (£26,500), and you use a recruitment agency at industry average rates (20%), let’s take a quick look at how much you are spending on these CV peddlers and more importantly, let’s see how that money could be better spent on your current employees.

What you could buy instead of paying 1 recruitment fee:

Recruitment Budget

What your company could buy instead of making 3 hires through agencies: (£15,900)

What your company could buy instead of making 5 hires through agencies:(£26,500)

Recruitment Budget

    • 1 Extra employee on the national average wage
      • By avoiding agencies, you can hire an entire new human to work for you.
    • 560 hours of massages
      • You COULD share them across the company. Or you could just have 560 pairs of hands on you for 1 punishing hour.
    • 220 Years of spotify premium
      • Who doesn’t love free music? It’s a great inexpensive perk to offer to loyal employees. Especially for Sid in the finance team who still brings his mp3 player to work.
    • 44 Iphone 7s
      • 44 of the newest phones on the market? No thanks, I’d rather pay a recruiter to forward me a few CVs. Sure.

    What your company could buy instead of making 10 hires through agencies: (£53,000)


    “That’s all very well, but how do I avoid using a recruiter” I hear you ask. Well with TalentRocket, you can build up a talent pool of culture fans, all at a monthly fee, without any recruitment fees. That’s right, 0%. Sorry, recruiters.

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