Most People Are Happy In Their Job… But

What if you’re missing out? What if a great opportunity is waiting for you, one that you’ve always dreamed of or one that you’ve not even thought of yet? How would your life be different if you’d have just heard about a dream job before someone else took it from under your nose because you were too busy with day to day life? What can you do to ensure you don’t miss out on jobs you actually want to hear about? After all, you’ve got no time to do all the usual “recruitment stuff”.

Applying for jobs means searching through hundreds of career sites, reading hundreds of the same boring job descriptions, writing CVs, uploading CVs, writing cover letters, uploading cover letters, calling recruiters, getting pestered by recruiters, awkward phone calls, withheld numbers, booking time off or calling in sick, and you’ve not even met the company yet! Essentially other than what you’ve read online about the company or heard from, a completely unbiased, recruiter you actually have NO IDEA what the company are really like to work for. You’d have to be really unhappy, be twiddling your thumbs at work with nothing to do or be a bit nuts to do all this when it could all be a monumental waste of time. The company could be just the same as yours or worse, you never really know until you go and see them right? It’s like going to see a house without seeing any pictures or having any real information about it whist being told that you need to write a letter on why you think its a good house for you, upload your previous residencies – providing evidence on how nice a homeowner you are, and then take time off work to go and see it. Now that’s fine if you’re currently homeless, but most people can and should be picky. We should use our time effectively, after all it’s the only resource you can’t get back so you need to be certain it’s going to be right.

We’re not living in the dark ages, we’re in the information age and if you’re going to see a company first you need to know what they’re all about. Not from their HR team, not from a recruiter,  not from your friend who worked there 8 years ago and said they were a decent bunch; you need to make up your own mind.

We’re providing users with an access all areas pass to some of the UK’s most inspiring companies. Not only this, but we promise to let you know when they’re hiring for someone like you so you never miss out on your future again. Sounds pretty simple right? It is!

Research shows that the cultural trend in millennials of FOMO (fear of missing out) applies to careers too. People want to do more with their lives, they want to do something significant, something remarkable. We don’t want to miss a thing, a gig, a match, a photo opportunity or more importantly a dream job.

So we started speaking to people, asking them if they’d like an app to tell them when companies that they wanted to work for were hiring. Simple as that, everyone said “yes please”. Then we said would you also like to find out about great places to work in your market, if it was on your own terms and no one was going to try and sell or advertise to you and they said “sure thing, that’d be swell”! So here we are. We hope you enjoy your Talent Rocket experience.

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