Millennials – The Spoilt Generation

So everyone’s talking about Gen Y talent and the evolving workplace. Einstein said that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” and as with any new generation, in order to get through to them, we require breakthrough thought.

Generation X were always told that the world is your oyster, it’s yours for the taking. It was an exciting time, one full of hope, ambition and MTV. Travel became accessible for the masses, Gap Years became the right of passage for many not just the privileged few, but at the end of it all we still got jobs in law firms, banks, corporate multi-nationals and seemed pretty smug with our lot.

Generation Y is different, they have been tricked into thinking that to have the world in the palm of your hand is not enough. To change the world – now that’s what really matters; that’s what makes your life remarkable. The self-expectation placed on ambitious Millennials is off the charts. They want to cure cancer, complete back to back iron man competitions, climb K2 and swim the channel all before they settle down and start a career. They basically want to live the perfect Facebook life. It’s all a front. Essentially all they really want to do is show off and make their friends jealous. They are the prancing pony generation. As Joe Kessler put it in his TED talk their philosophy is simply “I am what I share”. Descartes would be turning in his grave.

Fortunately for employers this can play right into our hands. Think about the rise in CSR. Firstly this was a great way to get people to buy stuff from you and feel good about it, now it serves a greater purpose; it’s one of the main reasons people join your business. If you’re ethical, have a social message or can communicate a fun and unique working environment, then you’re onto a winner. Being remarkable*, not different is what will help you attract Gen Y top talent.

Here are some free tools for you to read/watch/use to help make your company stand out to Millennials:



  • This great TED Talk by Joe Kessler on how Gen Y think and choose careers


  • Instagram – if you don’t have a company account get one set up today. Being searchable on there is critical for any Gen Y job seeker.
  • Pinterest – looking to attract female talent again with 72% of users being female if you don’t have a page get one set up today.
  • Blogs – we live today in the attention age not the information age, anyone can get information, it’s whose information that you trust will be good that counts. Having a compelling company blog that people read whilst at university or in their first job is a great way to get top talent engaged into your culture.
  • Spotify – everyone has a personal account but if you don’t have a company account you’re missing a great way to engage with talent. It’s the heartbeat of your company. We’re even looking at experimenting with music matching in our new app Talent Rocket connecting future employees with companies via their music taste! New age madness or just another way to engage Gen Y?
*  If you want help on being remarkable and standing out from the rest then we’re featuring a number of companies on Talent Rocket. Our target audience is the very best Gen Y talent across a range of sectors. Feel free to drop me a line at with any thoughts or feedback.


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