How To Set Up Instagram For Your Business

We can’t tell you how important having Instagram is to your employer branding profile. Top candidates want to know what working life is like within a company before they commit to an interview and Instagram is the best way of getting your culture out there. For first time Instagrammer’s it’s a little daunting so here’s a quick run through on how to get set up.

Currently Instagram don’t have multiple login functionality, so if you already have a personal Instagram account you’ll need to log out and log back in as your employer.

1) Download the Instagram app in the App Store on an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), or in Google Play for an Android device

2) After successful installation you will be shown this screen > Click on register

3) Fill in your account details. Your Username will be visible and is how people will search for you. For a business account be sure it reflects your company name

4) Then you’re given the option to invite your Facebook friends to follow (click skip if not applicable)

5. You also are given the option to search for contacts based on contacts on your Phone (click skip if not applicable)

6) Instagram will give you a list of suggested people to follow. Once you are finished with this screen, press ‘Done’

7. Now your account has been created. But you aren’t done setting up your profile just yet. In Instagram, along the bottom, you will see 5 different icons. Press the rectangle icon that looks like a newspaper (far right) . This takes you to your profile settings.

8. Click ‘Edit Your Profile’. Here you can input additional details including Go to Account, Edit Profile to finish your profile settings. Enter your First and Last name (if you want them shown), your URL, a short bio, and whatever other information you want to complete for your public and private profile. You can also add a profile picture. Hit “Save” and you’re done.

Now get Instagramming your company events, social occasions and everyday life! We hope it helps you on the way to finding great talent. As ever let us know your feedback in the comments box below and spread the message by showing us some social media love, follow us @thetalentrocket.


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