How Data Is Changing The Way Look For Work

People no longer look for jobs, jobs find people. Whether it’s a headhunter calling you hungry for his commission, or a job post landing in your LinkedIn mail, companies and recruiters are getting increasingly tech savvy. Like any business it’s critical to find the best people to survive and talent acquisition has been the buzz phrase of the last few years for many people in HR.

What interests me is how the macro trends towards analytics in marketing mirror the trends in so called “talent acquisition”.

Just 5 years or so ago marketeers used to demonstrate success by how big their flashy ad campaign was. It was the mass market, in your face approach which justified spending big and risking it all. “We’re either going to get full bonus this year or now’t because Charlie big balls in the brand team had decided to blow this wallet on getting Keith Chegwin to strip naked and rub himself with Nutella for the TV ad campaign.” Would Cheggers succeed in pulling in the punters – who knew? Certainly not Charlie BB. Oh how it’s all changed; thank god for Google! Remember when it used to be all about how many page impressions you got on your site, mention page impressions these days and you’ll see a man get slapped across the face with an eel. There’s a new breed of marketer just like there’s a new type of recruiter, and he’s much more targeted. He tracks your every move and gives you a nudge, a personal message to you, whispering sweet nutty nothings into your ear when you least expect it. He measures everything, from where you’ve been before you land on his page to where you’ll go to next (a suitable place to try and tempt you back to him). They’ll know how social you are, whether you prefer images, video or text and how much you like to spend with him per visit. They know where you like to click on a page and they’ll move things around to help you out and best of all you don’t even realise it!

Talent acquisition is going the same way. The smart ones measure which job posts get the most clicks and which ones don’t, and they tweak, test and adapt to attract that perfect fly into their web! They track what sites their talent is coming from and where they go next, a suitable place to drop a subtle hint about how great their company is to work for perhaps. They are finding out more about you online and asking themselves are you really a good fit for our tribe or merry men?

At Talent Rocket we’re testing everything, to what our members want to find out about a company culture and what they really want to know about a job before applying. We’re always asking the question, “OK so where is this going to look like and what will we be using it for in 5 years?” and it helps keep things fresh. The world of recruitment is moving at such a rapid pace and the only certainty we have is that companies need to become more like communities. They need to have a strong employer brand if they’re going to survive. And with a bit of luck and a lot of analysis, waiving that job under the right person’s nose may just become that little bit easier.

Chris Platts is the founder of Talent Rocket. He’s a former executive recruiter and current recruitment advisor to many UK startups. Chris shares charming stuff on the topics of career optimisation, hiring talent, HR, social media, start-ups and technology.

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