Hiring Trends In 2015

Have you ever wondered what the best day of the week is to look for a job? No, us neither, and so since why the heck not, we decided to find out this and other hiring trends using the data we’ve collected since we launched out of beta in July this year. We also wanted to provide you with an insight into what skills have been in demand and who’s been hiring in 2015.

Data’s great and can sometimes look damn pretty too, but it can be hard to understand. So under each lovely visual we’ll list one little insight to try and understand what the meatballs is going on.

Top 5 Jobs by Role

Ok so now that we’re here, this is a breakdown of the total volume of jobs listed from companies over the past year. This shows what skills have been in highest demand in 2015.


Biggest surprise

This graph just shows the top 5, but delving deeper, mobile developer jobs actually only accounted for 1% of total job listings in 2015. So it’s not been a great year to be an unemployed app developer, which is pretty crazy since some of the biggest tech companies like Uber and YPlan are mobile-first applications.

10 Most Popular Jobs

These are the most popular jobs on TalentRocket in 2015 and look who’s in the oh-so close number 2 position. That’s right our very own Employee Number 3 job listing. Mm hm…



Biggest surprise

So I’m not usually a fan of wacky job titles. Calling your next recruit a ‘ninja’ or a ‘rockstar’ is disconnected from the day to day realities of the job. However the top 3 most popular jobs are pretty unusual titles to say the least. So if you’re naming your jobs like a plain ol’ regular Joe and struggling to get applicants then maybe you need to spice them up a little. Remember though, that getting the right applicants to apply is more important than volume, so think about the type of person you want to attract before jumping in with a random title.

Top 10 Biggest Hirers

Here are the companies that have been hiring most on TalentRocket and the number of jobs they’ve posted since June 2015.


Biggest surprise

The smallest company on our top 10 list by far is Foodit who for a company with less than 50 people have been hiring like crazy this year.

Most popular job types

This shows what job categories people have been searching for most in 2015.



Biggest surprise

This data gets especially neat when we compare it with jobs by role, because then we can see the skill gaps between what people want and what’s available.

For example: There’s a big gap between software engineering searches (10%) and available jobs (15%), which is what you’d kind of expect given the lack of available engineering talent in the UK. There’s also an over supply of business development talent (13%) fighting over just a handful of BD jobs (9%). So if you want to land a job quickly it may be time to ditch your biz dev chops and focus on learning how to code.

Job post seniority level

Let’s look  at the breakdown of jobs posted across our 4 seniority levels.



Biggest surprise

No real surprises here other than board/director level jobs have been pretty hard to come by in 2015. It’s an indicator that most of these jobs just don’t make it into the public domain. On the plus-side, there’s been a good amount of entry level jobs out there for ambitious graduates and school-leavers to fight over.

Job posts by day of the week

Lastly, here’s the breakdown of what day of the week jobs were posted.



Biggest surprise

Who on earth is posting jobs on a Sunday! As the data suggest if you want to be first to respond it’s best to look for jobs on a Tuesday, so now you know.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our data. If you’d like to know more about us then you can check us out at talentrocket.co.uk or email us at hello@talentrocket.co.uk