The Instagram Guide To Employer Branding

Employer branding has been the darling of talent acquisition for some time. Your employer brand is the sum of all efforts to attain a reputation of being a great place to work. Companies are becoming more and more aware of its positive effects and several trends are developing. One of them is Instagram.

The potential to use Instagram to enhance your employer brand is huge and as you’ll see some companies are already well ahead of most. With over 150 million users on the platform, 16 billion photos shared, and 1 billion likes happening each day, the photo-sharing and editing platform is one of the most engaging channels on social media.

employer branding

• The top 50 brands have on average 722k followers each

• An average of 1.5 Million posts mention each of these brands

• The most Instagrammed brand is Nike, with over 19 million posts mentioning the #Nike hashtag so far, and adding over 1 million each month

Instagram is helping companies market their products or services from the inside-out. Today people don’t just buy your product because they need it; they buy it because they resonate with the company that produces it. It’s the same with recruiting, people don’t take a job at your company because they need “just another job”; they take it because they want to be part of something exciting. They identify with your culture, they love your employer branding.

What to post?

Here’s a few suggestions that’ll give your employer branding a boost:

– A shot of the new office furniture, ping-pong tables, games room.

– Photos of the local area, coffee shops, points of interest, parks.

– The awesome view from the office window.

– The company lunch break, Christmas party, charity events and work nights out.

– Last but not least, the people who work there (preferably smiling)!!

Employer branding – ideas to get started

1. Set up your account – read  how to do it here.

2. Go see the marketing team – the shared goal is to get people bought into the business consumers and future employees.

3. Collect and post any photos that employees have of previous company events or social occasions.

4. Make everyone is accountable for keeping it updated – company culture isn’t an HR initiative, it should be collaborative, everyone should have the ability to post on the company Instagram account.

5. Brainstorm ideas with the team to convey your company culture.

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