11 Of The World’s Coolest Company Perks

The best thing about a good job is the people you work with, right? Or the wages, surely? Well, having some kick-ass perks can’t hurt either. Here is our rundown of some of the best perks offered in the business world today.

Check out the world’s coolest company perks

1. A man’s best friend

coolest company perks

Got a pooch at home who doesn’t like being left alone? Bring your dog to work at Software design firm Autodesk in California… They also offer a 6-week sabbatical every 4 years so you can take little Dexter on a nice long adventure. UK based online payment firm eWAY have gone a step further and hired a Beagle named Harper as their “Anti-Stress & Distraction Manager”, nice!

2. Hair of the dog

Local recommendation site Thrillist offers free beer on tap all day long… although the assumption is that its employees will have a grasp on when is appropriate to take advantage! They even offer free vodka, whisky and tequila tasting sessions – yum. Thirsty for more? Other companies offering free hangovers include: Fab, Warby Parker and Foursquare.

3. Broaden your horizons

Travel expands the mind, right? And bigger minds can fit more ideas in them and make people more productive… or at least that’s what US firm LoadSpring Solutions seem to think. They offer employees up to $5000 and an extra week’s holiday if workers choose to travel overseas for their holiday.

4. De-stress

coolest company perks

Surely nothing relieves stress like sticking a load of pins into your body. So Eventbrite offers its employees free acupuncture treatment on site, as well as massages and chiropractors, just in case the pins don’t do the trick. UK Companies have followed suit with digital marketing agencies such as TopLine Communications and Battenhall Communications both offering free mas

sages to employees.

5. Short back and sides

It’s not only important to do your job well, ideally you want to be looking dapper while you do it. US firm JM Family Enterprises offer free haircuts for all staff, as well as a fleet of yachts for their use too, by the way. They’re a cut above the competition (sorry..) having been listed in Fortune magazines top 100 employers for the past consecutive 15 years.

6. Educating the masses

US food giant J.M. Smuckers is keen to have a load of smarty-pants on board… And so they offer full, unlimited reimbursement for education in their employees’ free-time, so they can set about getting that second degree… or third… or fourth…

7. Let it snow

Need to get the adrenalin pumping to work more efficiently? Powder junkies take note, leading Snowboarding brand Burton have a policy that if it snows more than 2 feet, they close the office so everyone can go snowboarding. Hurrah!

8. Surf’s up

Like Burton, Quiksilver clothing company infamously encourage their employees to let their hair down and take surfing lessons during company hours. Bodacious!

9. Inspiration (and Stephen Fry)

London start up Swift Key get to enjoy a series of lunchtime talks from interesting people on interesting topics. Previous guests include Stephen Fry who spoke about innovation.

10. We’re having a ball

Everyone loves Google, even if they don’t like paying taxes. Google are world-famous for their company perks, with free doctors, gourmet meals, eyebrow-crafting, health suites, Japanese toto toilets and plenty of other goodies. The best one, though, has to be its onsite ball pit, to bring out the inner child in everyone.

11. Unlimited holiday

We’ve saved the best for last here. In addition to the all you can take holiday buffet, the nice folk at Evernote offer $1,000 as an added incentive for you to actually take a break. And you thought you were happy with your 25 plus bank holidays!

Well we hope you enjoyed our list. Given most of these are US based it seems the UK still has some way to go to compete with our American cousins when it comes to employee engagement. However if you’d like to track opportunities with companies like these then don’t forget to sign up to Talent Rocket and be one fo the first to discover amazing places to work.

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