Look Who’s Coming To Our Company Culture Campfire!

The countdown has started to our first ever industry event, held at Huckletree, Shoreditch on June 16th. The Company Culture Campfire will be an evening of storytelling, networking, and exploring all facets of, you guessed it… company culture.

From scaling culture, to building one with a remote working team, via sociocracies, cultural ambassador programmes and parental leave, the CCC will bring together many of the key aspects of that make up the pillars of company culture.


There is no such thing as a universally “great” culture. So the event won’t consist of people telling you exactly why they are amazing and how you should copy them. Instead, it will simply be tales from the trenches of what’s worked for them and will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

Edd, Co-Founder of Graze

Company Culture Campfire

Edd, the co-founder of Graze. The healthy snack company was established by 7 friends who wanted to “show off health’s more pleasurable side” in 2008. Since then they have grown to a team of more than 200. Creating a thriving company culture between mates is easy. Scaling it, however, is not. Find out how Graze kept their budding culture alive as the number of employees skyrocketed.

Helen, Founder at Gamevy

Company Culture CampfireAs well as scaling culture, we will hear from Helen, co-founder and Marketing Director at Gamevy. Not only are they an awesome games company, they also have a unique organisational structure. Have you ever heard of sociocracy? You have now. At Gamevy, the employers own the company. Pretty cool right? Learn how they have managed to build a company without bosses, and what they’ve learned along the way.

Iain, Head of Cultural Ambassador Programme at AOL

Company Culture CampfireEver wondered how multinational companies maintain a culture that incentivises people to thrive? Ask Iain Croll. As head of the international cultural ambassador programme, he oversees the cornerstone of the employee happiness programme at AOL. Iain informs us about the importance of getting employees to volunteer to take ownership of the culture around them. Not only this, but how to get so many volunteer cultural ambassadors that they have to turn down half of the applicants.

Laurie, HR Manager at Spotify

Company Culture CampfireSpotify have changed the way we listen to music, what most people don’t know, however, is the way they are also revolutionising company culture. Sure you have seen the unbelievable photos of the office, and the awesome bands coming in and out of the office, but that isn’t what makes their culture unique. One thing that makes Spotify stand out in the competitive talent marketplace is their parental leave philosophy. Listen to Laurie as she guides you through the benefits of how giving new parents 6 months of paid leave is the best thing for both the company and employees.

Dave, Happiness Hero at Buffer

Company Culture CampfireWish your co-workers were a little bit more diverse? How about your team consisting of people in Brazil, China, Belarus and Mexico? Buffer manages to run an international corporation with teams from all over the world. In their own words: “living in a place that makes you happy is one of our core beliefs”. Happiness Hero Dave describes how Buffer managed to create and cultivate culture with a remote working team.

What else?!

Company CultureAs well as stories from industry leaders, there will be the finest healthy food from Pronto, amazing beer from the fivepoints brewery, the proper-est popcorn in the land from Propercorn, personalised campfire marshmallows from Boomf, and delicious soft drinks provided by the legends at Ugly drinks.

Finally, a special thank you to Culturevist, TalentRocket’s partner on this event.

Want to come, then grab your ticket here. We look forward to seeing you there. Team TalentRocket

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