9 Secretly Cool Companies Hiring in December

The best thing about secretly cool companies is that not everyone knows about them yet. That’s what makes them cool. It’s a bit like those secret bars, hidden down back alleys that require a wink-wink, nudge-nudge handshake with the doorman to get in, except you don’t need to worry about finding them because we made a list, right here.

1. Essensys

These tech innovators have been quietly going about their business in building an awesome company culture for a while now. And then some bright spark had the idea of graffiti-tagging a wall and slamming in a pool table right in the middle of the office… Regardless of the paint fumes, these guys are full of super smart brains and are hiring right now.

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2. Import.io

What if you could turn any website into data? Wouldn’t that be cool? Wait a minute, you can with import.io? Mind. Blown. As if their snack cupboard and catered lunches aren’t tasty enough, they go and do something like that… Hiring across development, data science, customer support and accounts.

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3. Carbon Analytics

Not only are these total legends solving the world’s massive carbon emissions problem, they’re a globally distributed team – meaning you can work from anywhere. Your chance to change the world from your bedroom perhaps?

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4. Evogro

You’ve heard of Silicon Valley, you’ve heard of Silicon Roundabout you’ve maybe even heard of the Silicon Beach but have you heard of Silicon Orchard? No, us neither, until we stumbled across these little beauties. Set in the middle of the countryside, if you like the idea of merging world class technology with sustainable food and horticulture then they’re hiring right now for developers and engineers.

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5. Attest

Imagine if, instead of playing Candy Crush on the tube, you could spend that time earning money by answering questions and taking quick surveys on your phone? Not only would you pay for your commute and much more, you’d be helping companies figure out how to make better things. Some ideas are stupidly simple… Hiring right now for UX/UI and Developers.

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6. MassChallengeUK

Fancy helping to facilitate a startup renaissance? That’s what the ambitious CEO of MassChallenge wants to do. With new non-profit startup programs opening up in Israel, Switzerland and Mexico, MassChallenge is on the way to becoming a global phenomenon. Looking to hire in Sales and Marketing, it’s your chance to make a difference and get connected to the world’s most exciting startups.

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7. Touchnote

Sending cards to people kind of sucks. Touchnote makes it super easy to send them using photos from your phone. They offer a share incentives scheme and lovely team atmosphere in the heart of Shoreditch. With an amazing UI, they’ve been growing quickly and are after a Head of Product and Web Developer.

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8. Measurelab

Imagine sitting on a balance ball in a beautifully converted attic with the sun gently glowing on your face. No, it’s not some sort of utopian pipe-dream, it’s just run-of-the-mill, usually-shit-but-not-here working life at Measurelab. No wonder they’re hiring again. This time for an analytics consultant.

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9. Lexoo

Lexoo are helping startups get connected to affordable lawyers. It’s a platform we’ve used ourselves and completely love. We found their culture to be super-friendly, hard working and most of all diverse with people from lots of different nations and backgrounds. They’re currently hiring for an intern.

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