How To Promote Your Employer Brand On Social Media

What makes a successful company? People. If your product sucks your people will make it better. If you run into a new problem your people are the ones that will find a solution. A company is simply a group of talented and hopefully engaged individuals coming together to solve problems. People are not a resource, they ARE the company and HR and Talent teams have started to recognise this. Winning the war for talent is fast becoming a key strategic business objective. Employer branding is not a new concept. It has been around for years and clever companies such as Innocent drinks, Google and Facebook were some of the first to recognise it’s significance in overall company strategy. Subsequently they have successfully created compelling employer brands and are able to go from strength to strength against their competition.

Your employer brand includes how you, the founders, and leaders define your workplace culture, plus how your employees (past, present, and future/potential) actually feel about your company, and what they say about its work environment. Industry leaders attribute the emergence of the talent brand, to the social media revolution over the past few years. Thanks to social media, everyone and anyone can share their ideas, opinions, and experiences with a brand, product, organisation, or employer. Sites like Glassdoor make it easy for former or current employees to rate their experience. How the public perceives a workplace is no longer dictated by upper management, social media has changed that forever, democratising the stakeholder voice. It’s now bottom-up.

Therefore, an organisation must prioritise their talent brand, or else it might grossly under or over-estimate how it’s impacting their talent strategy, or lose control of it all together.

The benefits of a strong employer brand

A strong talent brand makes it easier for you to attract and retain key talent and will enhance your companies reputation. There are plenty of other benefits too:

  • Strong response rates to job postings and more engagement at every level of contact, from social media to in-person interviews
  • Better quality candidates
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Cost savings, less reliance on 3rd party recruiters – more direct hires and referrals
  • Improved and reinforced workplace culture
  • Alignment between employees and organisational objectives
  • Increased employee motivation

It doesn’t matter if your organisation is big or small, or whether it’s in a big city or remote location, if you want to attract great talent, you must ensure that your employer brand is aligned with your main company brand and continuously monitor and grow it.

The disparity between brand and employer brand

There is a chasm between your followers who’d like to hear about jobs and those who are just interested in your services and/or products.By tweeting out jobs from your main account you run the risk of pissing off your precious community. How do we communicate our employer brand on social media without alienating our followers and fans? This is an important point as followers on professional networks such as LinkedIn don’t necessarily mean they want to hear about your company culture. They may work for a competitor and are interested in your products.  They may be a supplier trying to win business with you or even a recruiter trying to take people from you. These blurred lines make communicating your talent brand a real challenge. Enter Talent Rocket, a platform for companies to build talent communities of engaged future employees. It gives companies a dedicated platform to release culture related content to a captive audience. Unlike other social networks this is just for people who want to work for your company. They get the benefit of being kept updated with what’s going down in your organisation. You get the benefit of having talent to recruit directly on tap.

We’re aiming to give all companies big and small a platform to showcase their company culture and build a loyal community of future hires.

So join us and see what we can do for your business.