The Best Networking Events For Landing A Tech Job In London

Networking, it’s just so… er… erm… yuk! But wait… Did you know that upto 80% of jobs aren’t found through formal job search and apply processes? They’re found through coffees at lunch, beers after work and personal intros to founders and hiring managers. Leave your boring formal events at the door of your boring formal lives. Startups don’t play by the same rules. Here’s a list of a handful of the best networking events to land a job in a London tech startup.

Trust me, I’ve been to A LOT and these guys walk the walk as well as… well you get the picture. Plus I’ve, personally, been to all of these events, plus lots of others, which completely sucked… but hey, I did the hard yards so you don’t have to, right….


The best networking events to land a job in a London tech startup

Silicon Milkroundabout – this is the biggie, with over 100 tech companies courting the best tech talent. It’s the stalwart of London Tech Careers Fairs, the mac-daddy, the big dipper, the… we’ve run out of metaphors.  Check out when the next event is here.

FATJIL – no it’s not the name of some awful motivational ‘fit-for-a-princess’ bootcamp… it’s actually an acronym for Find A Tech Job In London, which does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers – Triple-H (as no one is probably calling it) is a key meet-up for those wanting to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and, perhaps, more importantly, those mythical tech co-founders. Their Co-founder Dating & Speed Pitching can be great for making connections and their Got A Problem, Get A Solution (AKA GAPGAS) event can be a great platform to announce your kick ass startup skills to the world and hopefully get hired.

3 Beards – Everything they touch turns to facial hair. The 3 Beards are the undisputed, heavyweight Kings of the London tech scene. Their Don’t Pitch Me Bro and Chew The Fat events are freakin’ awesome and their Digital Sizzle is a good ol’ fashioned digital knees up. Plus they host the Silicon Drinkabout drinks every Friday so you’ve got no excuses to not make at least one tipsy tech friend a week.

TechHub Demo night – it’s cheaper if you’re already a member at TechHub, but still open to the public. Much like Don’t Pitch Me Bro, TechHub demo nights are where startups demo their product and get some crowd-sourced feedback.

Happy Startup School –Laurence, Carlos, Fiona and the gang are super, approachable, super lovely and super happy of course. They’re events are an absolute must for any early-stage or budding entrepreneurs with big ideas who are looking for some guidance on how to turn these crazy dreams into a reality. They’re community is global and they are moving into online courses so check out their home school too.

TableCrowd – networking events with a difference. TableCrowd does exactly what it’s name suggests. It gets a crowd of (like-minded) people around a table to share food and stimulating conversation. It’s a more intimate way of meeting new people in a more relaxed and natural environment. Definitely one for those who prefer one-to-one conversations to ‘forced networking’ and big crowds.

Finally a quick shout out to Google Campus who put on a metric-tonne of events each week, some of which of course, can help you grow your career networks. Check out their events page for what’s on.

Some of these sites have job boards too, which are worth checking out, but, of course, career happiness doesn’t come from just finding a job. It’s about building relationships with companies over time so that they approach you about jobs they haven’t even advertised yet, rather than you having to pester them. If you’ve not checked out how to do this with TalentRocket, then give us a whirl, we’d love to get your feedback.