6 Awesome Time-Saving Apps To Boost Your Productivity

6 time saving apps pic (1)Managing your everyday tasks at work will leave you with more time to enjoy the finer things in life such as playing with your kids, catching up with friends or starting a business on the side.

We’ve searched, downloaded tried, tested and picked a number of apps aimed at giving you more free time and here is a snapshot of some of our favourites.

These time-saving gizmos will boost your productivity and that is positive for everyone – you, your boss, your company and your relationships!

Here is the low down on what to download. Enjoy!

1. Pocket (formerly known as Readitlater) – ever found something online you want to read but you don’t have the time? Save it for that commute home by sending it to Pocket – the clever app that stores things for later.

2. Signeasy – a handy app for those that require signatures online. No more printing off, scanning and returning, you can sign digitally through your phone or tablet. We’ve started using it at Talent Rocket HQ and it’s worked a treat.

3. Business Card Reader – Always losing business cards? Import contact information from a business card directly to your iphone contacts. Download the app here.

4. Talent Rocket – *shameless plug alert* if you haven’t signed up yet then Talent Rocket is the world’s first career discovery app; keeping you connecting to opportunities with companies you want to work for. So there’s no excuse for moaning about how you hate your job ever again! Sign up here.

Here are two more from the USA – soon to launch in Europe (we hope):-

5. FastCustomer – Everyone hates being on hold to an automated machine? All you have to do is text FastCustomer the name of the company you need to speak with then they will call the company, wait on hold, and call you when the customer representative is finally available.

6. Mint.com – Need to get a grip on your finances? Mint does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending for you. See where every penny goes and make money decisions you feel good about.

We’re still on the look out for inspiring companies for our launch. If you know any companies who are great to work for then get in touch today. Also if you want to contribute to our blog and reach out to Talent Rockers everywhere then email me at chris@talentrocket.co.uk.


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