5 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand (For Free)

Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Innocent Drinks. What do they have in common? They all consistently attract the best talent to want to work for their organisations. How do they do it? By spreading the message of how great they are to work for. Their employer brands are impeccable.

The flipside is just as valid.

Just look at Sports Direct. A 21st century tale of how to kill an employer brand. Their profits are suffering hugely as a result of the recent scandal of how toxic their work environment is. In the last 6 months alone,  their stock prices have fallen by 46%. That’s what a negative employer brand can do for you.

But they’re all £multi-million companies with a seemingly bottomless budget to spend on employer branding, the question we want to know is how can we do it with a limited budget? Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1- Social media

Let’s start with an easy one. The easiest way to improve your employer brand is to promote your culture on social media. In much the same way that hiring managers will check a candidate’s online presence before making any hiring offers, candidates will research a company’s culture before accepting any offers.

If they can see that you go bowling every week, or have wacky Christmas parties, they will be better able to visualise themselves at your company.

While Facebook and Instagram may seem the most appropriate places to put up office selfies, if it is done well, LinkedIn can be just as valuable:

Improve your Employer Brand for free

2- Write about your culture:

The act of improving your employer brand is designed to show you off as a great place to work. Telling potential candidates directly what it is like to work for your company is a great way of doing this. 

TIP: If you are hiring lots for a specific position, why not craft an article from their point of view?

For example, when Movebubble,  were looking to hire some developers, we sat down with them to discuss what life was really like as a developer there, including “superfuntime”, startup life in general, bean bags and why the Yorkshire Dales aren’t a patch on the Hackney Marshes… Painting a picture about what it will be really like to work in a specific role in a specific company is a great way of securing applications from suitable candidates.

3- Tailor your job descriptions

Recruitment is kind of backwards. Instead of finding a company and a culture people would love, they find a job description and try to figure out if they can do the job. It sucks, and it’s a large part of the reason 87% of people would move jobs if the right company came along. TalentRocket are trying to change that, but that’s a post for a different day.

The point is, that most of the time, the first candidate touch point is through your job description, usually found on a job board. This is your time to shine. You’ll need to get the tone of your company across here. If you are funny, make a joke. If ‘The Office’ references are your social currency, make sure to tailor your job description to attract “bloody good reps”.

If you love terrible puns and quirky animals, do this:

Improve your Employer Brand for free

TalentRocket job descriptions include images, and copy with more substance than a hipster’s handmade leather journal.

4- Optimise the candidate experience

Just because someone doesn’t get a job, doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable to you. By leaving disappointed candidates with a good impression, not only do they keep happy, and willing to apply to a more appropriate role, but they tell their friends. It takes very little effort to get back to people promptly and politely, once you have decided they aren’t right for the role.

Improve your employer brand for free

When candidate rejection goes well

Download our free candidate rejection email template

 5- Improve your culture

Employer branding is merely the public perception of your company culture. If you want to improve your employer brand, you must first start by improving said culture.

If you look at your culture and find that you have nothing to tweet about, no snaps to chat, and no faces to book (sorry), then start by creating an atmosphere that’s worth shouting about.

It doesn’t have to involve buying a table tennis table, or having weekly pub trips, but far more subtle things that can greatly improve your company.

Read about 43 actionable tasks to improve your company culture.


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