3 Things All Startup Careerists Must Be Aware Of

As the world of startups continues to grow, increasing numbers of exciting, innovative and purpose-driven companies are sprouting up everywhere you look. There is more money than ever before.

In the UK, over 600,000 startups were launched in 2015, and in London alone, tech startups raised $2.3bn in 2015 . This is not far off double the $1.4bn they raised in 2014, which in turn was over twice as much as in 2013.  This exponential growth means more opportunity, and more opportunity is good news for you!

But before you can take advantage of the wealth of opportunities, you must first become aware of what’s out there.

Shiny-headed guru Seth Godin puts awareness as the first of his 7 Imperatives of remarkable careers. According to Seth, any startup careerist must be aware of:

The Market


If your dream is to work in an exciting, high-growth startup, there’s little point investing your time and energy into learning skills that simply aren’t needed. The trick is to be fully aware of the kinds of roles that are in high demand, understand which hard and soft skills are required to thrive in each role, and to guide your startup career accordingly.

Some important questions to ask yourself are:

Which startups have been recently funded? (Crunchbase is a good database to check this)
Which industries are expanding, and which are contracting?
Which skills are in high demand, and which are least likely to be replaced by robots?
Which skills are becoming basic requirements?
What are the experts saying?
What are the people I’m meeting saying?



If you’re completely unaware of the opportunities available to you in the world of 21st Century startups, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Self-directed research is of utmost importance if you are to fully understand what the startup career landscape looks like.

As the startup ecosystem continues to mature, it’s important that you take full advantage of newly formed communities. There’s no substitute for real-life, offline contact, but you can use some great online tools first to help focus your efforts. Meetup.com is the perfect place to find communities of like-minded people that you can tap into to discover opportunities around you.

Some important questions to ask yourself:

What are some of the key roles in startups?
Where do startups post their current vacancies?
Where do startups hang out?
What startup communities are there in your area?



Understanding who you are in the context of an ever-changing world of work is a crucial part of any startup career. Knowing yourself is the first step in managing yourself, and is often a neglected part of the traditional job search where the emphasis is on simply finding any job, rather than the perfect job.

Some important questions to ask yourself are:

What are your intrinsic motivations?
What are your greatest strengths and talents?
What causes do you care about?
What are your values?
What’s your personal mission?
What sort of environment do you thrive in?
How do you work most efficiently?
What kind of company would you love to work for?

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This was an extract from TalentRocket’s The Startup Graduate – launching your startup career (even if you have no experience… yet) by Will Reynolds

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