Why Blogging Shows What Your CV Tells

So, you are an organised (yet dynamic), motivated self-starter, who is an ambitious team-player with demonstrable creativity, and an understanding of the market? Yeah, don’t be that guy/girl.

By all means do all of those things, just don’t tell people about it. Show them.

(I understand the irony of warning about cliches, instantly followed up by “show, don’t tell” advice, but oh well, that doesn’t undermine its validity)

Maintaining a semi-successful blog is the easiest way to avoid using these cliches in your CV, without underselling yourself.

1- Plan Your Blog Beforehand

CV Translation: ‘Organised’, ‘Thinking Ahead’, ‘Time Oriented’


Blog shows what a CV tells

This might sound obvious (because it is), but the most important decision you will make about your blog is the topic. Going so broad that the market is utterly saturated, and your blog will be one of the thousands drowning in the waves of information, isn’t ideal.

Nor is shooting so narrow that nobody will ever consider reading about it. No matter how interesting you find how the differences in the patterns of Strawberry seeds between counties, nobody else cares.

Of course, there are hundreds of examples of people who have gone into seemingly impossible markets and thrived. It’s definitely possible, you just need to know what you are getting into.

Examples of unlikely yet successful blogs include:

Nerd Fitness (fitness advice for the nerdier ladies and gentlemen)
Farmville Freak (that’s right, LOTS of people want to read about that game that you still have 37 pending Facebook invites to join from your parents)
The Brothers Brick ( These Lego enthusiasts have built quite a following)

And in the ‘how could you ever make your name in such a saturated field’ corner, we have:

Arseblog (Unfortunately not talking about posteriors, but rather Arsenal Football Club*)
Autoblog (They manage to drive up some traffic despite there being plenty of competition on the road to success)
Stereogum (Someone has their ear to the ground when it comes to this music blog)

The one thing all of these have in common? They have been meticulously planned from day 1.


2- Set It Up

CV Translation: ‘Self-Starter’, ‘Tech Savvy’

Blog shows what a CV tells

The best plan in the world is pointless if you don’t do anything with it. Nothing says “self starter” than starting something by yourself.

Setting up blog couldn’t be easier, with platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Medium, and Ghost offering “drag and drop” customisations. Even with a modicum of computer literacy, you can create a professional looking site.

If you don’t start a blog, you can’t impress people with your blog.

3- Get Some Readers:

CV Translation: ‘Understanding of The Market’, ‘Hustler’, ‘Go Getter’, ‘Force To Be Reckoned With.’

Blog shows what a CV tells

Who wants to be shouting into an empty room?

This is the tough part. Once you have written a few posts, how do you get people to read it? The answer, be annoying.

This is where social media is you friend, use Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Facebook etc. (delete as appropriate) to find people who are doing similar things to you, and talk to them. I know the internet can be a scary place, but people rarely bite through their computer screens.

A shoutout from someone respected in your field will go a long way to getting the relevant people in your line of sight. It’s your job to keep them coming back for more.

This will show to future employees that you are all over the latest trends, and know exactly what people want to read.

It really doesn’t matter what market that is, getting people to read your ramblings is genuinely impressive. Whether it be about the latest style changes in Italian shoes, who is going to win the Premier League, or you miraculously got people to read about that strawberry thing, getting people engaged in your content a highly sought after trait.

4- Keep It Going!

CV Translation: ‘Perseverance’, ‘Dependable’, ‘Attention To Detail’, ‘Committed’

Blog shows what a CV tells

So you have written 5 blog posts in the 8 weeks since you set it up. But now you are bored, and nobody was reading it anyway, so you might as well pack it in, right? RIGHT?? Maybe. If you are a loser.

Anyone can do a half arsed job of starting something, only to be distracted and forget about it when the next fad comes along. Showing commitment to something> saying “I am committed”

“Look at the 200 pieces of well thought out, immaculately proofread, content I have produced over the last 18 months” comes across a tad better than “I never give up, I promise! Oh yeah, and I can totaly spell good to” (sorry, that was painful enough to write, I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to read)

5- Collaborate/Interact

CV Translation- “Team-Player”, “People-Person”, “Maintaining working relationships”

The act of collaboration is something that is essential in the workforce, and employers will be impressed by demonstrative examples. On top of this, it gives variety to your blog… which is nice.

Having others write for your blog, while featuring on theirs, helps all parties. There are cross promotional benefits (them tweeting about your featuring on your blog and vice versa) to be had, as well as getting the readership of the other’s audience while you are at it.

Not only this, it will also give you some fresh ideas.

It also makes the experience feel a bit more real. Even if you have 2,000 people reading each and every post, without interacting with the readers, you might as well be writing into a Microsoft Word document and deleting it after you are finished.


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*Insert hilarious joke about Arsenal being a bunch of posteriors.

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